Save the Date: EdTech Summit 24.2.2022
in Salzburg

Foto: Julia M. Cameron on Pexels

These tools help in the classroom during lockdown

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Education Technology
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Second UK-Austria EdTech Exchange: Digital Solutions for the New Normal

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Photo: Nikolaus Donner

VERITAS @EdTech Austria Innovation Challenge: Making digital learning more effective and efficient

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Michael Fally, Leiter Konzernale Lernmedien SPAR
Foto: Michael Fally

SPAR @ EdTech Innovation Challenge: Data analytics for a learning management system

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Foto: Thomas Topf

Austrian Standards @ EdTech Austria Innovation Challenge: Bringing standards digitally to people

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About Us

What is EdTech?

Educational Technology – EdTech for short – is the umbrella term for all those digital tools and applications that support learning. From instructional videos to training in a virtual environment.

Our mission

Together with you, we want to make Salzburg a place where EdTechs can develop and try out their products and encounter an environment that approaches testing and implementing these offerings with an open mind.

Our service

What can you expect from EdTech Austria?

  • As EdTech

    Whether startup or established business: we support EdTech companies with

    • Networking with other EdTechs as well as with companies and educational institutions
    • Enabling product presentations to potential customers and investors
    • Support for the submission of funding applications
    • Environment for the development and validation of new EdTech solutions (under construction)
  • As an educational institution

    Pandemic or not, digital support in education benefits teachers and learners when implemented professionally.

    We help

    • by providing information on innovative EdTech companies (you can already find a selection on our members page)
    • Networking and exchange with other educational institutions
    • access to a pool of experts for planning and implementing EdTech solutions
  • As a company

    For further training of your employees, you have access to a wide range of digital offerings.

    We help you with

    • Networking with other companies to create mutual learning opportunities
    • Access to a pool of EdTech experts
    • Support with the submission of funding applications
    • Information services
  • As research institution

    EdTech, as a combination of service character and technological solution, thrives on latest knowledge. Representatives from research are important partners for us when it comes to the development, testing and validation of EdTech.

    We offer

    • Networking with innovative EdTech companies for joint idea and project development
    • Support for the submission of funding applications
    • Events for information, exchange and presentation



09:00 - 17:00 Uhr


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16:00 - 17:00 Uhr

EdTech Austria MeetUp

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19.01. - 21.01.22


Bett Show 2022

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