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4conform GmbH

With 4conform, all employees have access to an innovative learning management system. This means that companies always have an overview of their employees’ knowledge. They can check which training courses have already been completed and how well the training materials were understood. The employees, in turn, can see which training courses are coming up in the future.



Accento supports and encourages the practice process of learning an instrument while having fun. The advanced system of the Accento app in combination with the outstanding pitch recognition ensures the optimal training progress of the student. To do this, the app listens, compares it with the piece to be played and suggests exercises based on it to avoid future mistakes.


Acodemy – Cody21

Digital literacy for 3rd/4th grade – tune in and participate. Interactive video series teach children digital literacy in a fun way. With matching task sheets.



ACP eduWERK is a partner for schools and school owners in all administrative, technical and pedagogical questions concerning the introduction of digital learning companions in education. The goal is to positively influence the motivation, fun and learning success of students and to live contemporary education.



For leisure and educational institutions looking for innovative and playful mediation concepts, ArchaeoNOW offers impressive digital and analog solutions from A-Z. ArchaeoNOW is one of the world’s pioneers in the field of playful knowledge and cultural mediation paired with augmented and virtual reality, creating immersive experiences.



Areeka is an augmented reality app for smartphones where analogue textbooks merge with augmented reality content such as three-dimensional images or narratives. Pupils can immerse themselves in specially designed digital worlds, for example of ancient Egypt. With the Areeka Studio, students can bring their own creative digital worlds to life.

Bringing teaching content to life with augmented reality


Artivive is a Viennese start-up that combines traditional and digital art using augmented reality. Artivive’s easy-to-use tool for museums and creatives adds an additional audio-visual layer to static images, creating an interactive art experience. Artivive is also building the first marketplace for interactive AR creations.

Augmented Reality by Artivive kisses art into the modern age

AT Technische Medien für die Schule

AustroTec GmbH develops and distributes innovative teaching and learning materials for STEM subjects (mathematics/computer science/natural sciences/technology) in preschool institutions, general education schools, colleges and universities. AustroTec’s portfolio focuses on teaching media from LEGO Education, Makeblock and micro:bit, among others.



Audvice is an audio-based learning and collaboration app that allows anyone to create knowledge quickly and easily with audio.The app can be used for onboarding and training sales people, SMEs for fewer but more efficient meetings, teachers for blended learning and students for self-study.

Audvice - Education for the ears

bit media e-solutions

bit media e-solutions offers various tools for schools and companies: The admin platforms “SOCRATES” (school administration system) and “TeacherAssistant” (class register), the communication tool “SchoolUpdate” (teacher-pupil-parent communication), as well as the learning platforms “LONA Education” (e-learning) and the course package “digi.skills” (digital skills evaluation).



With biz:Examiner’s software solution, organizations in the education sector can create, manage and conduct digital exams stress-free and securely. In doing so, organizations always have an overview and control over the exams.

BizExaminer and the complex business of digital exams


Flexible and cost-effective language training for businesses. Multi-award-winning courses for 13 languages, used by more than 120 million people worldwide. Combined with flexible online one-to-one and group learning. Learning content is tailored to learners’ specific needs and learning outcomes are directly measured via our management platform.



On the chabadoo learning platform, teachers and companies can create their own learning content and divide it into learning units (honeycombs). In order to supplement the learning content, existing content from the chabadoo community can be used. The content can be individually combined and intelligently strung together in the form of learning tracks.

Self-determined learning through the innovative chabaDoo honeycomb system


ClassNinjas teaches maths on a variety of platforms. Whether as an app (5th-8th grade), on social media or via Zoom in 1:1 maths coaching (for all grades). The focus is always on the reality of the children’s lives and the understanding that learning maths is fun.



CLICK&LEARN has stood for concentrated e-learning competence for over 20 years. Together with its customers, CLICK&LEARN creates digital learning worlds tailored to the target group. The focus is on the learners. The portfolio ranges from learning management systems, microlearning and authoring tools to web-based training, explanatory videos and podcasts.


common sense

common sense offers eLearning services for companies, non-profits and international organizations. We bring needs-based training to the workplace, identify the needs of the target groups, combine theory with practice and develop sustainable, creative digital training solutions. common sense has developed a catalog that provides building blocks for the essential processes of eLearning, mobile learning or blended learning. These are adapted to the specific needs of the customer.


ConnectedKids by Magenta

ConnectedKids has been offering an unbureaucratic, digital solution for schools since 2013: a simple, straightforward and no-cost introduction to the use of mobile devices for learning in the digital classroom and pedagogical expertise as support. In workshops, children and teachers learn digital media skills.



With courseticket’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP), companies can create their own online learning platform and offer webinars, e-learning or video training for employees and customers.

Digital education marketplaces from courseticket


DaVinciLab is a social enterprise with the aim of enabling children, young people and adults to use digital tools creatively. The offer consists of courses, workshops, and vacation camps, among other things. In three labs (coding, design, media), children and adults learn key skills for the 21st century in a fun way.

The fascinating metamorphosis of the DaVinciLab


DCCS offers a full range of hardware (servers, clients, infrastructure), software (Microsoft licences, school management software) and services (consulting, service, training) for all Austrian schools, colleges and universities, private and public. For Microsoft licences (Microsoft 365, servers, applications), DCCS is the primary contact in Austria.



Druckster connects students with their first job. How? Through their printed learning materials! Students can print their documents (scripts, summaries, articles) for free on the Druckster platform. Placed on top of them, they find targeted job offers and other sponsorship ads – individually adapted to their qualifications and interests. Print for free and boost your career!


E-Learning Group

In cooperation with partner universities, ELG offers part-time online education and training, including several postgraduate MBA and MSc programs as well as university courses and short courses. ELG thus offers continuing education for employees of companies, but also on-demand e-learning courses for private individuals.



E-SEC has been a leading provider of digital learning solutions since 2005. Interactive training is packaged in 3D animated stories, making learning entertaining and eventful. Numerous companies rely on E-SEC’s products to communicate company-relevant content, guidelines and behaviors to their employees in an exciting, efficient and sustainable way. For example, E-SEC offers standard courses on cybersecurity and data protection.


Easybusiness E-Learning und Training

Business management can be so simple! This is the motto of Easybusiness, which the team has been following for 20 years with its e-learning programmes and blended learning trainings in presence as well as webinars. With 500,000+ learners in companies, schools, universities and training institutes – and exclusive provider of preparation for the EBC*L exam (EQF level 5), Easybusiness is the leader in Europe.


Edkimo Austria

The Edkimo app makes it quick and easy to get student feedback on lessons – for schools, colleges, vocational training and adult education.



Education is a human right. EDUCOM’s vision as an education mobile operator is to enable free digital education. That is why the EDUCOM team has launched the “free e-learning” initiative. No one should be excluded from digital education for cost reasons. Through the initiative, all e-learning data traffic at EDUCOM is available to all education participants, unlimited and free of charge.



EduNode helps people learn new skills and companies train their employee:s in IT and Blockchain that help them achieve their learning goals from the comfort of their home, classroom or office. They use software technology to provide a more comprehensive, up-to-date, and interactive e-learning experience.



EGOS! has been supporting companies and their employees in their personal and professional development in the areas of digitalisation, information technology, human resources and organisational development for over 30 years. EGOS! Passion is to make technology easy and efficient for people to use. The company offers consulting, services, analogue and digital training solutions.



The READY FOR RED digital learning platform teaches young people aged 10 to 16 all the important facts about menstruation, the menstrual cycle and period products in a fun way. In four levels and more than 70 interactive games, videos and exercises, young people learn everything there is to know about these important topics.



eSquirrel offers digital supplementary material, adapted to existing textbooks or own learning materials. The teaching companion takes over the correction of homework, simplifies learning checks and motivates students via gamification to self-determined repetition. Teachers keep an eye on the learning progress. Suitable for schools, universities, adult education institutions and companies.

Collect the nut! Learning success with gamification and repetition

ETC – Enterprise Training Center

ETC – Enterprise Training Center is Austria’s No. 1 provider for IT seminars, digital content and certifications. High-quality manufacturer partnerships (e.g. as the only Microsoft GOLD Learning Partner in Austria) and quality certifications according to ISO9001 ensure the highest quality and service level for industry, education sector and society.


Everyone Codes

Everyone Codes trains the next generation of software developers. In a 9-month programme, participants acquire essential programming skills, immerse themselves in the practical world with a wide variety of tasks and additionally develop their teamwork and social skills.

Software development instead of unemployment - everyone codes makes it possible


eyelearn is an online platform for inquisitive students and software enthusiasts. With our learning videos and courses, lessons are lightened up and a complicated topic is explained to the students at the same time. Interfaces allow for integration into Moodle and Microsoft Teams.



FoxEducation develops apps for secure and easy communication, collaboration and organization in schools, kindergartens, clubs and companies. The SchoolFox, KidsFox and TeamFox apps improve collaboration across the entire organization with features such as confirmations, checklists, lesson plans, video lessons and translations in 40 languages. Parents, children, teachers and school management can easily and quickly coordinate all classroom activities.


Go Student

GoStudent is a digital learning platform for online tutoring. Teachers are assigned after an analysis of the students’ needs. Interactive online one-to-one lessons and flexible lesson times bring individuality to tutoring. The child’s learning progress is continuously documented.

Online tutoring with GoStudent - It's a match!


At Hyphen, participants complete an 8-week learning programme. They are part of a global interdisciplinary team and learn how to develop technical products from scratch. As part of the team, participants work on solving IT problems and gain job-relevant experience.


imc information multimedia communication

imc has been a leading full-service provider in the field of digital training solutions for over 20 years. imc offers a learning management system for the administration of educational solutions, authoring tools for the independent creation of digital trainings, customised and standard e-learning courses as well as a digital game-based quiz (BizQuiz).



TalentLoop is the interactive tool for effective career guidance. With this WebApp, the strengths and talents of young people can be discovered and harnessed. TalentLoop thus provides the basis for the individual support of each individual. The reflection and feedback processes enable young people to gain new perspectives and contribute to increased self-confidence.



Insame develops instrumental training books and the matching mobile game. This learning combination motivates music students to practise a wind instrument and accompanies them at home as they playfully learn the skills necessary to master their instrument. As a result, they come to lessons better prepared, which also makes the teaching process easier for the teachers.


Institute for Intrapreneurship

At the Institute for Intrapreneurship, the online training institute for entrepreneurial thinking and action in companies, employees learn how to develop and implement strategic innovations. Managers learn to understand the mindset of intrapreneurs in order to facilitate the appropriate framework conditions. A globally unique ISO-certified training (Intrapreneurship) makes you an expert in intrapreneurship.


Junge Römer

Junge Römer brings stories to all screens – even the ones you wear on your nose. Junge Römer is a creative studio that develops innovative training applications using virtual and/or augmented reality as well as virtual web experiences. Their clients already include well-known national and international companies.



“Mindful interaction for better togetherness” is the tenor of Kniggs, the little Stone Age Kniggs. He has tips and tricks up his sleeve for creatively strengthening social skills in an age-appropriate way. This also applies digitally with the DigiKniggs learning app. Tasks with augmented reality are also available. The sophisticated hybrid learning program – analog, digital and virtual – teaches social skills in a playful way.


Knowledge Markets

Knowledge Markets aims to make a positive contribution to the development of the knowledge society. KM designs customized solutions for impact-oriented knowledge transfer: e-books, e-testing, learn management systems and much more. Together with its customers, KM wants to rethink the topic of learning.

Knowledge Markets: The courage of naivety


The mobile learning management system developed by KnowledgeFox is based on MicroLearning and is already in use in 23 countries. Features such as feedback function, gamification, learner reminders, scientific algorithm to personalize the learning experience, and more are available. Courses can be created with ease of use in as little as 5 minutes. Interfaces allow integration with HR and any IT system.


"Already Foxed Today?": The MicroLearning from KnowledgeFox


KE-Learning offers online courses on the topic of market research. The contents range from formulating the research question to developing survey designs and data analysis to reporting. They therefore cover the entire process of conducting primarily quantitative primary data surveys.


LawStar GmbH

LawStar is an online learning platform for law students and lawyers on which legal knowledge can be acquired via video courses and then consolidated and checked by means of control questions. The aim is to provide them with the best possible support in preparing for exams and continuing their education. LawStar also helps law firms with their employer branding.


LearnChamp Consulting

LearnChamp Consulting creates state-of-the-art learning technologies for companies, always focusing on the needs of the learners themselves. On the one hand, LearnChamp implements learning technologies such as learning management systems, learning record stores, and microlearning platforms, and on the other hand, provides tools such as authoring tools, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence bots for content creation. All with the goal: Amazing Learning Experience!

LearnChamp and the pursuit of the best learning experience


“LearnMatch” is a mobile vocabulary trainer for seven learning languages: English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. The learning process is promoted with many playful (“gamification”) elements and social interaction. “LearnMatch Business” is a learning software for professional use with a focus on industry-related vocabulary.



LernFamilie is a digital platform for online tutoring with its own whiteboard and also offers face-to-face tutoring in Salzburg, Linz, Graz and Vienna. The learning platform allows students to book online tutoring without a contract as easily as in an online store. The focus is on individual tutoring and the joy of learning.



Lernmax develops and distributes educational software for primary and secondary schools. The software covers the entire curriculum of various subjects and over several school levels and can be used directly in the classroom or for learning at home. Language support and the Lernmax Cloud for cyber-homework are also available.

One step ahead: teach individually with LernMax


Reduce time-to-learn: with learning strategy, learning content and learning technology that fits your organisation. Getting learning content to learners quickly is a critical success factor for digital learning offerings. MacSchneider has been integrating learning into the value chain since 2001, with award-winning learning experiences at a high aesthetic level.



The MatheArena brings mathematics closer to learners in a flexible and meaningful way in both private and professional environments. With a level of difficulty that automatically adapts to the user, mathematical topics can be trained in a playful, motivating and anxiety-free manner in the form of multiple choice questions and mini-games, based on the latest findings in e-learning.

MatheArena: Never again problems with maths


MeetFox is an all-in-one solution for the simple handling of appointments. Whether it’s parenting sessions, career counseling, coaching, mentoring, or tutoring – MeetFox allows appointments to be booked online via an individual booking link, held via video, and paid for directly. More than 13,000 knowledge service providers of all kinds already handle their appointments efficiently via MeetFox.

MeetFox saves parents from queueing for consultation day


Mimo is a programming learning platform for teenagers and young adults. The app allows them to learn the basics of coding in a fun and easy way. The learning platform, which feels like a game, is based on the latest learning science.


Mindset Technologies

Mindset Technologies optimises learning environments, curricula and content by measuring cognitive load and the resulting attention of learners. The recorded biofeedback is also suitable for the early detection of neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and autism.


In the Miranda app, mathematics is explained simply and understandably in over 5,000 entertaining learning videos and in more than 1,200 exercises. All tasks can be solved directly in the app. There is also an integrated calculator, a collection of formulas with explanatory videos, and the option to track your own learning progress. This allows students to prepare for schoolwork, exams and the Matura.




MYSEBASTIAN is an online platform and network for surgeons, clinics and the medical technology industry to easily share their own knowledge with the community. It is suitable for teaching, digital training and feedback, digital shadowing, congresses and much more. Uploaded content is fully customisable and at the same time remains fully comparable.

Vocationeers - Share expertise, anytime, anywhere


NeuKurs designs content for training and sales. The company turns existing content into attractive, practical knowledge morsels – short learning videos, audios, downloads or knowledge graphics. NeuKurs Digital Didactic filters essential knowledge, organizes it and repackages it to suit the target group. In this way, NeuKurs supports the self-employed, SMEs and industry with modern workplace learning.

At NeuKurs, content from the own kitchen comes to the table

Österreichischer Bundesverlag

“We live education” – and have done so since 1772. öbv develops innovative concepts for successful teaching from elementary school to the Matura, thereby enabling young people to develop their full potential. In the digital area, öbv offers, for example, E-Book+, DUA-Online, the QuickMedia App and much more.



Ovos offers playful training, serious games and web solutions in idea, concept and implementation. The digital agency develops learning games and solutions for playful knowledge transfer for both students and companies.

The STEM-101 for parents

PolEdu – Politics & Education

PolEdu offers young people digital political education: with explanatory videos, digital teaching concepts and materials, participation in digital spaces and in social media. Pupils, apprentices and students are by no means disaffected with politics, but they need a non-partisan offering that meets them where they are: in the digital age.



Polycular uses XR and AI to develop new learning experiences and marketing tools for companies and educational institutes. The latest technologies, paired with dramaturgy, storytelling and interaction, create exciting unusual worlds of experience in which learning takes place in a playful way.



QuickSpeech’s app is a simple and intelligent learning platform that allows companies to educate their employees through news, videos and fun quizzes. Companies can create learning content themselves or have QuickSpeech create it for them. By expanding machine learning, the app adapts to the needs of employees and personalises the learning experience.

Short, crisp, playful - knowledge transfer in companies with QuickSpeech


With Quinn, universities can conduct workload surveys directly with their students. Students use the app to regularly track their workload for certain courses on a daily basis. This data is made available to the university in anonymised form, enabling it to take measures with regard to ECTS equity.


Redox Interactive

Redox Interactive develops cross-platform learning, training and further education apps. In addition to “classic” app and web-based solutions, customised VR solutions are also developed.


Robo Wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind develops modular robotics kits with accompanying innovative apps. Children from 5 – 12 years learn programming and 21st century skills such as creativity, design thinking etc. in a playful way. Suitable for school and home.

If: Robo, then: Wunderkind - The formula for young robotics


RoboManiac believes that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and STEM (Mathematics, Computer Science, Science, Technology) education should become part of basic education for all children. The company offers a wide range of content and online and face-to-face courses for children aged 5-16, for example on robotics, architecture and programming.



SAVEE is the smart financial hub with Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity for children aged 3-10. SAVEE looks far beyond the box and offers the user sophisticated added value – similar to a Swiss army knife. Savee is the piggy bank 2.0 and enables financial sustainability.



SchuBu is an interactive digital textbook for all subjects and classes. Teachers can access the digitally prepared content at any time and use it in class. Pupils can prepare and review the content at home. Interactive elements and mini-games provide an exciting and stimulating learning environment. The platform combines both teaching and learning elements from a single source.

SchuBu and the joy of learning and teaching

Serious Games.Studio

Serious Games.Studio offers self-adapting and gamified business simulation training for students and professionals in different industries. It operates in entertaining gamification & user experience, easy adaptation to business customers’ needs, instant machine learning support, functional learning dashboard, detailed game organization and an extensive learning materials database.


SIA Schulbuch Interactive

SIA offers both printed and digital textbooks with multimedia content, as well as a learning platform to make teaching multimedia. Textbooks and the learning platform can also be combined. Suitable for classes of all school levels.



skillbest is an Austrian e-learning full-service provider that focuses on the individual development of e-learning solutions, putting the actual learning objective in the foreground. High-quality didactic e-learning formats support companies as well as universities in digital adult education. skillbest develops e-learning concepts or products from the strategic planning of e-learning courses to the technical and didactic levels that inspire participants.


Smart Learning

Smart Learning – a mobile learning platform and training and information tool for employees in the corporate environment. The content is divided into small sections according to the learning card principle. This makes the acquisition of knowledge simple, efficient and effective in the daily work of employees.


SMC Studien und Management Center Saalfelden

SMC is the study center of the FernUniversität in Hagen with numerous bachelor and master programs on offer. Master courses with the University of Salzburg and the FH Burgenland we conduct in blended learning mode. In the Erasmus + project: DigiCulTS – Digital Culture for SMEs” a Quick Test, an Online Course and a Virtual Library for Digital Competences are developed. Freely available.



sproof develops solutions for digital signatures and is thus at the interface between teachers and learners. With sproof, processes are digitized and documents such as certificates, diplomas and confirmations are issued in a forgery-proof and digital way. A unique signature and a time stamp allow the validity of digital documents to be checked quickly and easily.

Your signature, please! Secure and digital signing with sproof


The Spürnasenecke is a facility for research and experimentation with children. It contains specially developed furniture, a wide range of utensils for researchers from the fields of coding and STEM, a detailed handbook and ongoing training for participating educators.



With the Studo organisation app, students and university staff can organise courses and create timetables. With its integrated mailing programme, chat function and newsfeed, the app is also a communication platform for students at universities.

Studo: Love brand for students


Studyly is an interactive e-learning platform that allows students to acquire mathematics skills in a personalised, individualised way, tailored to their own needs, and to prepare optimally for exams, schoolwork or the Matura. Teachers can set homework. The teacher also receives an evaluation of the students’ current level of knowledge.



Swircle is a “swap circle” where monthly book boxes with children’s books in several languages are passed on in the Swircle network. Books for two to twelve year old children are available. The Swircle app is used to scan the books that are kept. The app thus learns the child’s interests and improves the book selection for the next book box.



TEACHIS helps teachers with lesson planning software and provides tools that facilitate the daily work of educators. Enter planning notes, upload lesson materials and search for specific content for your unit using the integrated search function. You can access your planning from anywhere and share it with your colleagues in just a few clicks.


Three Coins

The social enterprise develops and implements financial education projects. It teaches financial literacy in a real-life way. Three Coins works with the public sector, NGOs and private organisations. The offer includes consulting, workshops and format development, such as e-learning tools, games and awareness campaigns.



The timebite platform allows students to easily record their exam and learning experiences. In this way, they can improve their learning behaviour, but also actively contribute to the community by documenting their experiences. Because on timebite, students can also find important information about upcoming exams at a glance, such as the recommended learning time of fellow students.


Tomorrow’s Education

Tomorrow’s Education is a Berlin-based startup. It wants to rethink higher education on a global level and above all, provide the necessary skills & mindset to people who want to solve the problems of our time. Since April 2021, the first degree programme in “Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology” is available on the specially developed mobile-first platform in cooperation with the WU Executive Academy.



Trumpetstar is a learning system that lets you quickly learn to play a wind instrument without any prior knowledge. Using QR codes in child-friendly music books, children can access interactive online media content directly while practicing. There is also a mobile app and an online learning portal with video courses that are coordinated with each other. Trumpetstar is aimed at parents and teachers.



Create and optimise complex timetables, quickly find a suitable substitute, use the app to keep the class register and communicate with students and parents – all this is possible with the Untis organisation tool. A live chat and video lessons facilitate distance learning.



The UpLeveled Bootcamp offers 12 weeks of intensive training in web development using technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React. As a full-stack program, it covers all relevant areas from front-end to back-end and teaches job-relevant best practices. At the same time, numerous exercises and projects are used to build up your own portfolio.


Inclusion in the classroom by breaking down the language barrier – this is the goal is pursuing with its learning platform sCOOLing. On the learning platform, pupils find learning videos with interactive intralingual subtitles. By clicking on a subtitle, the word is translated and saved for later learning. The platform is suitable for educational institutes, schools and universities.



As a creative virtual and augmented reality studio, VARS creates realities beyond our physical world, realities that everyone can benefit from. They develop immersive experiences to take the process of learning and knowledge transfer to a new level. As pioneers in XR, they empower their clients to show more through innovative and interactive digital solutions.


Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour creates digital living twins of buildings using state-of-the-art 3D technology. Historical buildings, museums and more can thus be experienced virtually. Additional content makes the digital twins perfect for a virtual museum visit. Different construction stages of buildings can also be digitally visited in the vocational school.

Explore the Salzburg Parliament virtually

Westermann Gruppe

The Westermann Group (publishers E. DORNER and Jugend & Volk) works with enthusiasm and skill for learning success in its textbooks. The committed authors incorporate their years of experience from their own teaching practice. Our offer: practical and innovative at the same time. The textbooks are enriched with digital offerings such as BiBox (education box), E-Book+, Antolin and Omnia.



On the career platform whatchado, people who talk directly about their jobs give an authentic insight into their everyday working life in video stories. A job platform for young professionals, more than 400 company profiles and countless informative job profiles about almost every job complete the offer.


WOTI World of Tomorrow Institute

We offer the digital game Mayority: a serious game about peaceful coexistence, prosperity for all and democracy. The game comes with accompanying material for subsequent reflection. Target group: children and young people from 10 to 15 years, as well as the accompanying educators. The test phase is currently running until the end of June 2022. Registration still possible. Release in fall 2022.



XRCONSOLE develops immersive learning and training concepts for companies and educational institutions. With the symbiosis of innovative training methodology and state of the art extended reality, our solutions contribute significantly to more effective and efficient learning results.


YEP Youth Empowerment Participation

As a social start-up, YEP promotes youth empowerment and designs inclusive participation processes. Students, apprentices and young adults are accompanied in coaching and workshops to get involved in the social dialogue.


Yoovis Education

YooQuiz is a curriculum-based quiz app for kids, teachers and parents. With engaging quiz games, single-player, duel or group modes and competitions, it’s a fun way to review classroom material while increasing students’ motivation to learn.


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