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Postponed to Spring 2022: EdTech Roadshow

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Update: We would have gone on tour in November. Due to the current Covid 19 situation (as of 11/10/2021), we are postponing our  roadshow until spring 2022.

With our roadshow through Austria, we want to put a special focus on networking EdTechs locally.  At each of our networking meetings, regional experts will be on site to provide input and answer your questions during a Q&A. The focus of our events is on the exchange of experiences, best practice examples from the region and the expansion of personal networks.

In this way, we promote the exchange among each other and bundle the know-how and experience of our members.

The program and the speakers will be updated regularly.

When & Where?

The tour will probably take place in spring 2022. We will inform you in time about time and place.

Who is the roadshow for?

If you are a teacher, director, entrepreneur or representative of a research institution, take the opportunity to network with EdTechs and education experts from your region. The roadshow is open to everyone who is interested in EdTech solutions and tools and wants to get to know the regional EdTech scene.

More information

For questions and more info please email us at:


The Bundesländer Roadshow is an event of EdTech Austria.

Marlene ist Projektmitarbeiterin bei EdTech Austria. Ihr ist es ein großes Anliegen, die heimische Bildungslandschaft um digitale Bildungsanwendungen und -tools reicher zu machen. In ihrer Rolle möchte sie EdTechs, ihre Anwender:innen und Forschungseinrichtungen vernetzen, um ein starkes heimisches EdTech-Ökosystem zu schaffen.

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