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Foto: Robo Wunderkind

MINT project: Salzburg schoolchildren learn to program robots

24. March 2023

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Foto: Cottonbro Studio

Matura simulations and owls: The fabulous world of Studyly

23. February 2023

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Foto: Svenia Busson

Svenia Busson: Everything can be changed!

13. December 2022

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photo: FH Salzburg

EdTech Austria Roadshow: Try out education technologies

1. December 2022

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Foto: acodemy

Cody21 makes primary school kids media-savvy

11. November 2022

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photo: erdbeerwoche

Ready for Red: Against stuffy menstruation education

6. October 2022

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CLICK&LEARN: 5 EdTech trends to keep an eye on

27. September 2022

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Foto: Innovation Salzburg/Benedikt Schemmer

How Salzburg’s pupils learn about robotics

20. September 2022

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Foto: MatheArena

MatheArena: Never again problems with maths

4. July 2022

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Foto: Martin Krennbauer

“Just do it”: A teacher’s view of digital teaching

20. June 2022

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Foto: Schubu

SchuBu and the joy of learning and teaching

8. February 2022

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Foto: DocuSign on unsplash

Secure and digital signing with sproof

17. December 2021

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Foto: Julia M. Cameron on Pexels

Lockdown: These tools help with distance learning

26. November 2021

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Education Technology
Foto: Unsplash

Second UK-Austria EdTech Exchange: Digital Solutions for the New Normal

22. November 2021

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Photo: Nikolaus Donner

VERITAS @ Innovation Challenge

22. November 2021

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Foto: LernMax

One step ahead: teach individually with LernMax

22. October 2021

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EdTechs bei 2 Minuten 2 Millionen
Pic: PULS4/Gerry Frank

Pitch on the Show – EdTechs at the PULS4 Startup Show “2 Minuten 2 Millionen”

21. October 2021

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Foto: Unsplash

EdTech Austria Roadshow 2022

21. October 2021

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Foto: Fotolia

The STEM-101 for parents

19. October 2021

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Foto: DaVinciLab

The fascinating metamorphosis of the DaVinciLab

6. October 2021

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(Foto: Robo Wunderkind)

If: Robo, then: Wunderkind – The formula for young robotics

30. August 2021

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Foto: MeetFox

MeetFox saves parents from queueing for consultation day

26. August 2021

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Foto: eSquirrel

Collect the nut! Learning success with gamification and repetition

21. June 2021

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Foto: chabaDoo

Self-determined learning through the innovative chabaDoo honeycomb system

9. June 2021

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Foto: Knowledge Market

Knowledge Markets: The courage of naivety

27. May 2021

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Foto: Virtual Real Estate Knapp

Explore the Salzburg Parliament virtually

25. May 2021

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Foto: Areeka

Bringing teaching content to life with augmented reality

10. March 2021

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Foto: pexels – Julia M. Cameron

Online tutoring with GoStudent – It’s a match!

8. March 2021

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Foto: Pexels -Brust

Audvice – Education for the ears

2. March 2021

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Girl with tablet and headphones
Foto: Antonioguillem –

Learning languages through play

5. February 2021

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Foto: WKS/ Probst Photographie

Immersive learning has a future

26. January 2021

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